this is the latest I’ve stayed up in SO LONG and it’s because I accidentally got trapped in a tumblr k-hole and I’m falling asleep holding my phone but I’m still going. I hate the internet


me: *petting a cat* nice

cat: *bathes self where i touched it*

me: image

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Female Rappers x David LaChapelle

this is fucking ridiculous and I love it

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Alistair has been out of town for two days for a wedding so I asked him to send me a picture of his dick

he sent me one immediately and then asked me to send him a picture of how I was wearing my hair at work

I just realized I missed my 3rd anniversary (July 31st) of living in Portland (minus a couple of months in Denver) so I am going to make *~a post*~

so many things have happened to me out here and I still can’t believe this is my life. every single day since July 31st, 2011, no matter how badly the days might go, I still wake up and remember where I live and feel lucky. so much has happened to me here, and no matter how bad things get, I’m never truly sad here. my worst days here have always been better than my best in Virginia. I know who I am here. sometimes I can’t remember what Virginia was like. it’s become so distant and fuzzy to me and I only remember fun things with the Hands. here I’ve finally found:

love that’s filled all the pieces of me I didn’t know were missing, a roommate who is like a best friend, a relationship that battered every part of me but gave me my tiny cat soulmate, two friends imported from California who I want at my wedding, a taste for gin and rooms with scarves used as curtains, confidence and happiness.

Portland is my home. I am so grateful every single day that I live here. I still walk home from bus stops smiling at the sky and the trees. happy 3 years to myself, to the best decision I’ve ever made.

I just used grapefruit soap to wash my hands to prepare to cut up a grapefruit while looking at a tattoo of a grapefruit on my arm. I like grapefruit


Blur - The Universal (MTV)

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I don’t trust any adult male named Joey



i wanna go for walks in the middle of the night but i also dont want to die ya feel

just girly things

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where the fuck has this been all my life?????????

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I’ve been trying to place my laugh for years and I finally figured it out, I laugh exactly like my grandma does and that makes me very happy



Meadham Kirchhoff Fall 2014 RTW

i love these lids



Meadham Kirchhoff Fall 2014 RTW

i love these lids

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